Frequently Asked Questions

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'Is there no condensation?'

Some condensation does occur, because don't forget that there is a real small world in the panel with all kinds of natural processes. It is true that you rarely see condensation on it. FloraPanels are natural comfort sensors. If you see condensation on it, it means that the indoor climate in your interior is not ideal.

"Does the glass break easily?"

The FloraPanel is a luxurious glass panel of 6 mm thick, making it more than four times stronger than standard glass. You really have to hit it with a hammer to make it break.

'How big is a FloraPanel?'

The standard dimensions are of a FloraPanel type L: 80X60x10 cm and type S: 60X40X10 cm. But you can also order a custom size up to 1 meter for your interior projects.

'How long will it remain beautiful'?

FloraPanels are made to last ten years with little maintenance. Once you place them in a stable room temperature and under daylight (growth light) for 8 hours, FloraPanels can remain beautiful for ten years. So if you want to give your home or office a green touch, but don't really have green fingers, this is ideal.

'Do I have to replace it every now and then?'

You don't have to replace it. But if you rent or lease a FloraPanel, it is possible to replace it after a certain time. Once you return your panel, we will reuse certain things from your panel to make a new panel. In this way we try to ensure that we create as little waste as possible and that the products remain in circulation for years to come.

'Does the glass need to be cleaned with something special?'

Our FloraPanels are made of glass and can be cleaned with normal cleaning wipes. The glass is inert, so there is no risk of it reacting to your product or the environment.

'Does the FloraPanel fall over easily?'

With current dimensions, FloraPanels are stable anywhere. There are table (counter) versions with a base (glass plate) underneath. FloraPanel can bond on base. This prevents accidents. FloraPanels can also be hung with the special FloraPanels hanging system as a wall decoration or a living painting.

'Is it pet proof?'

FloraPanel's unique design makes it possible to grow your favorite plants without the risk of pets eating or destroying them. The panels protect your plants from curious noses and paws, so they can grow unharmed in a safe environment.

'Should I take care of the plants?'

The plants in the FloraPanels grow in a closed mini-ecosystem. It is a small wilderness where exotic air plants take care of themselves. So they don't need water. No reason to break open a FloraPanel.

"Is it easy to move?"

FloraPanel is a work of art weighing 19 kilos. It is best to move the FloraPanel carefully, because you do not want to risk damaging the panel.

"Can I open it easily?"

It is absolutely not the intention to open it, as this will disrupt the tropical climate inside.

'Aren't the plants growing too fast?'

The plants inside a panel are slow-growing plants. The plants in a FloraPanel grow 1 mm per year.